Friday, September 30, 2011

Chickens and Mud Monsters

We were giving some laying hens by our dear friends the Sorensens. We are super excited to be having our very own eggs!

The boys have been out everyday to check on the chickens, pet them and teach them to get in their beds. They especially like to get the eggs.

After getting quite the work out Clayton puts the chicken to bed and tells it to stay.

Allen didn't have to work too hard to get his chicken, he just picked up the injured one!

Now to the mud monsters. I was busy on the phone with a computer tech person trying to get my computer up and running. I asked Lindy to get the pesky little boys out of my hair for a while so that I could finish what I was trying to do. Well, she did an excellent job, after a while I didn't hear from any of them. I got the phone call all taken care of and then went to find them. She had decided to do her entertaining in the mud.

What can I say, she did what I asked and kept them out of my hair!

After she got cleaned up I asked her to take some pictures for me and apparantly that meant go play everywhere naked and muddy.

What a bunch of hooligans!

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