Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Britten is the Star Student

This year Brittens teacher chooses a student to focus on as the star student of the week. They fill out a poster that we as a family all colored in telling all about their favorite things and they share that with their class on Monday. On Tuesday they get to share their favorite picture book with their class and on Wednesday the teacher reads a letter or story written about the student to the class. I chose to write a story about when B lost his big toe. I changed the version that I sent to school a little bit, as Britten does not like to be called nine-toes and we didn't want any of the kids to make fun of him. This however is the original version that I wrote at midnight last night. It captures mostly how I saw things from my perspective of the situation as it all happened, leaving out all of the parts where I was totally freaked out about the situation. On Thursday he gets to share 3 trinkets with his class and on Friday he gets an autograph paper to have all of his friends sign. Here's the story.....
A True Life Adventure of Britten Nine-Toes, The Boy Genius

                It was a cool and windy afternoon in May when the girls (Britten’s older sisters) decided to go door to door throughout the neighborhood to sell goods for their school fundraiser. They loved their school which was Numa Elementary of Fallon, NV. They had a lot of school spirit and always participated in their beloved school activities plus they wanted to get the biggest prize that they could by making the most sales, more sales than anyone else in the school.  That of course, is an entirely different story. This story is about a boy Genius named Britten who decided to mount his trusty red tricycle wearing nothing but his skivvies and take after his sisters around the neighborhood. This was right before the boy genius became Britten Nine-Toes.

                Now, as we have already said it was a cool and windy afternoon, and even though the air had a bit of a spring chill to it Britten was not bothered one bit by the weather. He was brave, he was adventurous, he was super super strong and he loved to help his sisters. He also loved to explore and ride his favorite tricycle as fast as he could.  He was out on the road having a complete blast being like one of the big kids. When what should happen, well I’ll tell you, his mother came around the corner in the family suburban. She saw what was going on and quickly turned around to find out what her children were ‘thinking’, squealing the tires as she drove. (Well all of the facts may not be entirely true) Now Britten’s mother always wanted to know what her kids were ‘thinking’ when they were doing something that she considered dangerous, unsafe or just plain silly. In this case Mother didn’t think that the big girls should be out door to door selling while their little brother rode his tricycle around the neighborhood wearing only his skivvies.  The girls were told to get home as soon as they could and Britten the Boy Genius was challenged to a race.  His mother challenged he, Britten, the adventurous, the wonderful, amazing, handsome and very speedy boy Genius to a race. Now it didn’t matter that mom was in a vehicle and he on a tricycle, he knew that he could beat her, even if he did have to go up a semi steep hill to do it.

                As soon as the challenge was made he was off pedaling as fast as he could. He just knew that he would get home first. Especially since his mother in her racy blue suburban was already being left in the dust.  He rode down the big hill with his un-shoed feet in the air. As soon as he got to the bottom his feet were on the pedals going, going, going, pedaling as fast as was humanly possible for the Boy Genius. He got around the corner with his back left tire screeching as his right back tire lifted off of the asphalt. He looked back at his mother and laughed, but not too hard, he needed to save all of his strength for the uphill stretch of road that was quickly approaching.  Mother was eating his dust, she had the windows down and the air-conditioning going full speed trying desperately to clean the suffocating dirt from the inside of the suburban.

The Boy Genius laughed again he was in the lead, he was on his way up the hill, half way up, three quarters of the way up, he was almost to the top and his pedaling was slowing, just a little bit farther. He didn’t dare look back to see where mother was, he had to get to the top of the hill. Finally he made it, turning to see that mother had gained on him he put his feet to the pedals and worked as hard as he could, pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, he was still in the lead and that was good. He laughed as he went, he laughed with glee, pure joy and excitement as he, Britten the Boy Genius was in the lead. He was beating his mother who was in the family car. He passed the house on the left, then the house on the right, still laughing, still in the lead, he could see the circle in the road quickly approaching, soon he would be in the driveway when, Oh my! Britten flipped over his bike.

 As he was standing up he looked at his foot and saw that something was not right. It was his toe, there was a bit of pain and it was upside down. Now that is very odd he thought. Mother must have thought so too because she had caught up to him, stopped the vehicle and jumped out. The first thing she did was flip his toe over the right way. Then she looked him over to see if he was hurt anywhere else. Mother calmly called to dad who had just arrived home a few moments before. She wanted dad to come see what had happened.

When dad got down to the road he quickly scooped Britten up and ran to the awesomely dangerous looking black pickup truck. Before Britten knew it mother was in the truck too and dad was off. Britten inquired as to where they were going and mother replied “To the hospital” Good Britten thought as he was beginning to feel a lot of pain in his foot. Soon the pain was getting really really bad and he said to dad in a very strained but brave voice, “Too bad you don’t have a race car, if you did we would already be there.” Now at these words mom gave Britten a big hug and  dad, who never breaks the law by speeding, not wearing his seat belt or making California stops at stop signs slammed the pedal to the metal and they were at the hospital before they knew it. 

Dad ran Britten the super handsome, super brave and super smart Boy Genius into the Emergency room where he was quickly taken in back to where the Doctors hang out. The Doctors took one look at his toe and said “Boy Genius, you’re going to have to ride in the ambulance to Reno where there is a very smart, very brave and very good Doctor who was also a Boy Genius. This Doctor might be able to put your toe back on.” Well as you can imagine Britten the Boy Genius was in a lot of pain but he decided that an ambulance ride would be a very awesome and cool thing indeed so he said “No problem, I am super brave and super strong so I can wait until I get to Reno to get my toe put back on like it’s supposed to be. I want a super smart Dr. too because it’s just not right for your toe to be upside down after you wreck on your tricycle.”

                To get to the end of this interesting and mostly true story, Britten the Boy Genius rode in the ambulance to Reno. He had a fairly grand time asking the paramedic many questions about the flashing lights and all of the buttons and other wonderful and cool things that can be found in an ambulance. Plus the more he talked the less he noticed the pain in his toe. Shortly after reaching Reno Britten went into surgery where the Super smart, super brave and very good Doctor who was also a Boy Genius  tried his very very best to save Britten’s toe, but there was just no such luck. Britten the Boy Genius’s toe just could not be saved. Of course this did not slow Britten down for very long. As soon as all of the casts and bandages were off he was up and running and getting into new adventures and trying out new things, but, he was now known as Britten Nine-Toes, the Boy Genius!!!!!!!

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