Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Out For Women / Time Out For Girls 2011

The girls and I were doubly blessed this weekend. First of all we were able to go to the wonderfully fun filled conference for women and girls known as Time Out For Women and Girls. There were amazing uplifting, funny, entertaining, sweet and amazing speakers to teach, remind, give perspective and entertain us. It was just exciting and such a privledge to be able to attend.
Friday night as the girls and I were packing and getting ready to head up to Reno I experienced one of those precious "moments" that will live in my memory as a "I Love Being a Mom" moment. We were all working together finding things that we needed. Matching clothes up, matching accessories with outfits. Finding and sharing shoes, makeup, clothes and packing all of the neccessary items that we would all need for the weekend. Everyone was happy, sharing, loving and getting along. It was wonderful.

As we arrived at the Reno Sparkes Convention Center we were amazed at how big the building was and how beautiful it was decorated inside. This is a view of the lights. They were 10 times more amazing to look at than this picture can ever depict.

The second most amazing blessing that we had this weekend was spending it with our amazing and wonderful best friends from California, the James Gang!!! or at least part of the James Gang. It was just amazing to be able to catch up and be uplifted together at the same time. I remember being amazed once again at the many many blessings that my Father in Heaven has blessed me with. Everyone needs good friends and I have some of the best!
A quote from the conference that gave me some perspective that I wish I had had years ago was from Sister Hilary Weeks. She shared a story of a mother daughter date with her nine year old and a glimpse of insight an 'extraordinary moment'  that she had experienced
"I will spend eternity knowing Calli as an adult. But tonight, right here, right now, and for the next few precious years, I  have the rare privilege of knowing her as a child.
What a gift to experience the children in our lives as children!
For a brief moment during the journey of mortality, we get to watch them laugh, learn, experience, grow."

Christine and I have the MOsT BeaUtIfuL and AmaZiNg girls ever!!!!!!!

and the silliest,

and the goofiest!!!!!

Natasha's new boyfriend

The gang and gangsters with the Ram, don't mess with the Ram!

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