Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One More Driver in the House!

Yep, you heard correctly, Kylee is now 16 and will soon be able to drive, right after the demands of soccer are over and she can complete her drivers ed.

The most awesome thing about her birthday was arriving home to see a dozen red roses on the door step to Kylee from friends in Boron. It was sooooo cool and sweet and quite honestly, I benefit the most being as I am the one who is home alllllllll day long and I get to enjoy them the most!

Kylee's room is painted Bright neon green with a purple stripe that will eventually  have black zebra stripes painted into it. I designed her cake to reflect her current favorite colors and wild print. It turned out pretty awesome! :}

Unfortunately for us the good camera was lost and so we were stuck with our  less than desirable for this situation camera phones. :{ I almost cried! Still we were able to get a few good pictures of Kylee with her dinner on the table messing up my themed birthday decorations! (Do I sound stuck up?)

Heres my gorgeous SWEET Sixteen year old with her cake.

Sixteen Candles!

The cutting of the cake and present time. Britten made Kylee a cute little clam shell with a green marbled glued inside and a jousting motorcycle. He is such a sweet boy. She also got some make up, hair accessories, perfume, a fingernail polish kit and.......

some boots! Its soooo exciting to watch my amazing girls gettting older. They are truly all amazing and Kylee is no exception. She is super talented, super beautiful and a super fun loving crazy kid! I'm proud of you Ky pie!

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