Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The No Hair Bear

Clayton cut several chunks of his hair so I gave him a long shave  to make the hair all even.  I didn't have time to do a good job though because he had the wiggles and wanted to leave with TJ so I stuck a hat on and they left. After arriving home the girls decided that his hair looked awful, which it did because I needed to finish evening it all out. Anyways, the girls took a razor to his head shaving him completely bald as in no hair at all, just skin. He came in to me at this point to tell me that his sisters were hurting his head. The poor kid had razor burn. I took him back into the bathroom and had to finish up the job that they had started. I totally hated it his hair at this point!
He didn't want to hold still for a picture, a bit embarrassed I think.

We kept a hat on him for a few days 1. because it was cold out and 2. he looked silly being so bald. After about the third day he had had enough with hats because it was a very very warm day out and he was running around a lot. We were running errands around town though so I wanted him to cover his head. I was trying to tell him that he looked silly with no hair and he should wear his hat, well he started jumping through the parking lot singing " I look good, I look great, I look good, I look great"

He insisted on me getting a picture of him while jumping

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