Friday, February 10, 2012

Some thoughts I had on what the "Perfect Mom" is.

We mothers spend a lot of time trying so hard to be the perfect mom. What is the perfect mom? It seems to me that the perfect mom gets angry, the perfect mom yells, cries and sometimes even says bad words. (oops!) The perfect mom has a messy house and naked kids that play in the mud. The perfect mom often runs late on everything!!!! The perfect mom forgets a lot of things. The perfect mom loves her family more than herself. The perfect mom supports her children, plays with them, drives them all over, helps them with their homework, teaches them and does their chores for them. The perfect mom anguishes and feels guilt guilt guilt over all of the imperfect things that she's done in front of her children. The perfect mom does the best that she can and tries to improve and be a better mom, just a little bit better each day. The perfect mom is you and me. Moms, Love yourself for who you are today. Today You're Perfect!

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