Monday, November 19, 2012

Myles Has Been Busy

The house we live in right now is super super old and has many many years of not being cared for properly. Therefore it has tons and tons of problems. Most of these problems don't bother me too much, I think it gives the house character but Myles on the other hand, well, he's the one who has to repair much of the existing character! One of his most recent finished projects was the fence and the gates. This is not how we had originally planned on putting the fence in but as we have limited resources we needed to make do with what we had and get our yard safe for our little monsters. The bonus of putting the fence up this way is that the boys are able to ride their bikes in the driveway without access to the road. The downfall is that mom is usually in a hurry when she needs to go somewhere and forgets to check behinde the car.

 Myles next project was replacing the door to the pump house. Several of the original doors to our house are in rough shape. They are old, fragile from the sun and mis use by previous house guests and their animals. The fact that two of my children are monsters does not help our poor doors. It seems to me that these little boys can find the weakness and defects in any thing and that seems to be the signal for them to go to town and rip it to pieces! As a result every banged up, holey, half toredown door in our house and out has pretty much been demolished! As a result, Myles needed to replace the door to the pump house before it got cold enough for the pump to freeze up. He did a pretty darn good job if you ask me! I am impressed anyways.☺

The next door that he made was for our garage to keep the cold cold wind out of our living area. This is the original door going from the house to the garage from both sides. As you can guess the first thing to come off was of course the wood paneling. From there the boys felt it their good luck to have a place to practice their kicks and punches and from there they just decided to tear the door down piece by piece. Myles and I eventually took the entire thing down being as it had become more of a hazard than an asset.

 Here is the replacement door that Myles made. I was going to originally going to paint it but then I decided that the kids would probably just kick it and chip it so I stained it instead. It is very impressive! Gives the room a rustic feel.
The finished product..............

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