Friday, January 8, 2010

"I'm the Birthday Boy!" and "I'm Free"

When Clayton woke up on January 6th, he greeted me with "I'm the Birthday Boy!".
"Yes," I replied, "You're the Birthday Boy". This was an awesome greeting considering that my miniature monster usually greets me with a grump. One morning during Christmas break he actually greeted the girls and I with a boot! What exactly does that mean you say? Let me explain, the girls and I were all sitting at the table eating breakfast when out of nowhere this cowboy boot comes flying at us and lands on the table. We all sat there in shock, wondering what we did, as we listened to tiny feet pattering down the hall back to my room. Granted not all mornings are as memorable as that one but that pretty much sums Clayton up; he is not a morning person!

For me to recieve such a happy greeting was a very pleasant, unexpected joy! As a matter of fact my miniature monster managed to suppress the monster in him for most of the day and was almost completley angelic. He was very excited about today being HIS birthday! He loved his hat and did his very best to be careful and not tear it as he wore it most of the day. He was ecstatic about his Scooby Doo birthday cake. And quite honestly, I was too. I traced and free handed the decoration and I think that it turned out pretty darn good!!!!

He did jump the gun and unwrapped all but one of the presents in the privacy of my bedroom. I managed to do a bang up job on not freaking out and handled the situation very well, making it a fun time for all of us.

We ended the day with cake and a Scooby Doo movie. When he was talking to his Gramma on the phone he told her "I'm Free." My thought was that most days, I would give him away for free, but today, I'll keep him. What we like most about Clayton is 1. We love his big grin of a smile. It's great! 2. We love the way he greets us when we get home like we are the most important people in the world. 3. We love the way he wants to do everything we do. He tries his very best to be like us, feeding and taking care of the pigs, vaccuming and sweeping the floor. 4. He loves his brothers and sisters or as he as come to calling them 'the girls'. 5. He love his friends and especially his nursery leaders. 6. He is a bundle of energy and constantly keeps us all on our toes. 7. He makes the terrible two's for other parents look easy! How lucky they are.
Already Clayton has grown up a bit and has become a three year old. I'm looking forward to what this next year with my miniature monster will hold.

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