Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Day the Tree Fell on My Head

The Day before we decorated the tree Clayton, my miniature monster with gigantic accidents, kept playing behinde the tree. Other than telling him to stay out from behinde there I didn't think much of it until.......
The next day after the tree was already decorated and beautiful I was on the floor in front of the tree changing the baby's diaper when I hear a whoosh and then plop right on the top of my head was the tree! I did not feel good! It actually hurt my neck more than my head after all a tree is not light. Thankfully Minnie was home and was able to move the baby and lift the tree off of me so that I could get out and away. Then we were able to pick it up and redecorate it after propping it up with a board. When Myles got home he was able to figure out what was wrong and get it whipped back into shape so that it wouldn't tip over again. It turns out that Clayton may have loosened the screws in the tree stand a bit!
Like I said, my miniature monster with gigantic accidents!

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