Saturday, December 19, 2009

One thousand three hundred

Have you ever wondered what 1,300 hundred lights would look like? Let me show you,

I'll explain, the girls have been hassling me for the last couple of years to begin decorating the tree in a more modern fashion rather than the 'sloppy mess' that we usually decorate it as. You see, I have Christmas tree decorations from when I was a kid living at home with mom and dad all the way up to the present. Some of the decorations are those that I've bought here and there representing some aspect of our lives like a paint horse for Myles and a saxophone for me. Some that I remember making with my brothers and sister, some that mom made and had on our tree all my growing up years that I can remember. We have a lot of decorations that my kids have made, usually at school, and these are my favorites! We have several that the primary leaders in Billings would always make every year for each primary child, these are also some of my favorites. I love these decorations but they certainly don't make our tree look neat, sophisticated or modern by any means. Well this year I thought that I would indulge my older girls and let them have a modern tree. Last year I bought a lot of gold ornaments, plus we have our gold temple ornaments and our gold Angel Moroni tree topper so we obviously went with gold.
Now if you are going to have a gold tree you can't just put a bunch of multi colored lights on, you need to have white lights. So, I went to Walmart to price lights in order to see if this was even a possibility with our budget. A strand of 100 lights was only $2.38 so I felt like it was a possibility and threw in 5 boxes. Well, 5 boxes of lights are only enough to light up half of a tree. I went back to get 5 more boxes which would have been fine except for the big black hole in the middle of the tree on the right hand side. I did think about turning that side around to face the back but instead I sent Minnie and her friend back to Walmart to get me 3 more boxes making a total of 13 strands of 100 lights. That is one thousand and three hundred white Christmas lights on our tree, Doesn't it look great!

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