Monday, December 21, 2009

What we like about Lindy

Lindy is................
1. She is showing a lot of potential as an artist. She can draw very well and has a great sense of color. The kids at school love her artistic abilities.
2. She is great to talk to. She is a great philosopher and listens to your ideas as well as presents her own.
3. She enjoys playing with her baby brothers Clayton and Allen and tries her best to be their friend.
4. She is learning to cook and loves to be in the kitchen helping her mom with whatever she is asked to do.
5. She has worked really hard and is becoming a good reader and enjoys reading as much as the rest of the family.

On December 21st Lindy celebrated her 9th birthday. It was a bit of a rough day for us as a family and she handled everything with good grace. I had just taken Minnie and Madison into the Dr. for simple little things I thought and it turned out to be an all day thing going from the Dr. to the lab, to the Dr. and back to the lab. It turns out that Madison had shingles, this has not been a fun experience for any of us especially Madison as they are very painful. As for Minnie, she has ebv plus her heart has been beating irregularly and the Dr. took that a lot more seriously than we were. (Its not as bad as it sounds!) On top of all of that the lab made a mistake the first time and the Dr. was thinking that we were going to have to admit Minnie to the hospital. At this point I called home, had Chelsea make brownies and frost and decorate them for Lindy and Natasha wrapped the presents so that we could have a quickie celebration before heading to Reno for the hospital. After the mistake at the lab was discovered we went back to the lab for another blood draw which gave us good news, we did not need to go to the hospital and we scheduled an appt. with a cardiologist. All seems to be going fairly well with Minnie at the present, other than she has been in bed a lot recovering from her illness, and we were able to have a very nice birthday celebration with Lindy. She's a great kid. We don't give her enough credit for her strengths as it is so easy for us to focus on her weaknesses. I, as her mom, am thankful to have my beautiful, talented, loving, big brown eyed little girl in my life and in our family. We all love you Lindy. Happy Birthday.

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